About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the quickest and safest way to make favourable changes to your life, by accessing direct influence on your subconscious mind which is responsible and controls all of your physical and emotional health. This incredible unfamiliar area of your mind is responsible for 90 % of your behaviours and is easily influenced through special relaxation techniques and powerful suggestions giving life changing results.


This is a fascinating way to transform your life quickly and efficiently with maximum effect, which almost sounds too good to be true. Well hypnotherapy is all of the above and so much more because it’s a unique, personalised and extremely versatile medium to enter the untapped vast spectrum of the subconscious mind, opening the door into the workings of your body and mind.

What to expect on your first hypnotherapy appointment

There are some in depth consultation forms to complete online and return before the first session starts. This creates and establishes all the information needed to build a profile of the client and highlights all the key areas to be focused upon within the context of who you are and where you are coming from. Once a detailed understanding of how you see, think and feel about the world around you is achieved, this can illuminate the best way to move you towards a better future. Once you are comfortable in a naturally relaxed position you can enjoy some space and time just for yourself. Having been induced into a trance like state, this trance is then deepened to a theta brainwave level which becomes a suitable platform for activating, embedding and implementing powerful suggestions to you the client and it feels wonderfully nourishing.


We all enter theta brainwave level just before we go into a relaxed state and fall asleep every night. We can also go in and out of lighter trances throughout the day occasionally when doing mundane tasks or regular familiar practices, like driving between location (a) and (b) on a familiar route, we may sometimes get to location (b) and do not remember aspects of the journey, this is a trance state.


During theta wave level the client is open, receptive and naturally inspired to take on and carry on implementing positive suggestions into their everyday behaviours throughout their lives. Positive reinforcing suggestions possess incredible capacity to direct and influence huge changes into the client’s behaviour. These incredibly embedded suggestions become firmly rooted and grow into the directive subconscious mind which harnesses the strong positive changes which are needed to revitalise your life in each and every way.

Perhaps you’re sick of smoking and want to stop?


Would you like to lose weight, look and feel better?


Would you like to live a better life than you are now?


Maybe there are other things you wish to overcome in your life?


Have you acquired some negative habits along the way that you wish to control or remove?

When we are faced with a problem, habit or issue for a long time it gets bigger and seems impossible to overcome, however its actually an illusion created by your own perception. That’s right it is actually very simple to overcome and eradicate from your life once and for all. If you truly want to let go of the past and move into your new future now! Then contact me to take your first step towards the beginning of a great new life changing adventure!

Do you struggle with confidence or public speaking to groups of people?


Would you like to improve your business potential and become more successful?


Do you suffer from memories of past experiences which stop you moving forwards?


Perhaps you feel negative or blocked in certain areas of your life and wish to change?


Would you like to improve and excel in your favourite sport, creating greater results?

Imagine how different your life could be and feel by becoming more balanced, more empowered and gaining greater control of your own destiny! It may seem fairly scary to stop something you’ve been doing for a long time. However, when it is the right time your mind and thoughts are in the correct place and it all comes together to create an exciting new adventure.


We are all only limited by what we think it is possible to do and when your subconscious mind realises you can actually do anything you put your mind to, within reason, this can transform your life.


My Hypnosis and NLP techniques can assist, guide, inspire and support you to move forwards into a new exciting future. You will quickly and efficiently learn how to adapt, create, expand and manifest more control and positivity into your life right here and now with instantaneous profound results. Personal recordings may be created and provided to you to continue reinforcing key points which you may listen to everyday or evening.


The clever use of effective yet subtle techniques are combined together to change, reframe or move over and around obstacles inhibiting your mind.


A memory we have of anything, is merely remembering the last time we recalled it, which obviously causes further distortions of the actual true event which created the original memory.


If any of these issues are present in your life, they can be radically changed, improved and transformed into positive outcomes. By quickly discovering, highlighting and extracting the roots of these disharmonies through relaxation the wonderfully versatile subconscious mind adjusts to make swift changes and fills in the spaces enabling you to establish your innate power to be assertive, content and create more success time and time again.


Book a life changing ninety, minute Hypnotherapy session now and discover the keys to success by opening your unlimited mind to your wonderful future.

Treatment Now Available Through Zoom Call

Hypnotherapy sessions are now available through a Zoom call. Ask us for more details.
In addition to one off treatments, bundles, packages and specials are also available.

Hypnosis sessions can also be coupled with acupuncture treatments to improve and reinforce results, when enhancing certain areas of specialisation.