Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and alternative therapies


Acupuncture is a timeless Art & Science rooted in over 5,000 years of profound medical knowledge, practice and understanding. It is well renowned as an established worldwide medical discipline that has helped improve the lives of millions of people.


Your full medical history, body diagnosis, pulses and tongue are evaluated to establish a personalised treatment plan.


The extensive diagnosis provided through this evaluation is matched alongside the ancient medical framework of Stems & Branches Acupuncture. This can help illuminate and highlight any potential constitutional strengths and weaknesses.

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Alternative Medical Centre

This Alternative Medical Centre uses an extensive range of ancient and modern natural therapies. These effective treatments are combined to alleviate, support and improve physical, mental or emotional imbalances. Fast, effective results without side affects are often achieved as swiftly as possible using acupuncture, hypnotherapy, herbs and massage.


Acupuncture, Herbs and Chinese Medicine are deeply rooted in over 5,000 years of astute observations, documentation and medical knowledge. It is a complete medical system which has investigated how the human body and our energy field, interact with the cycles and seasons of our planet. Chinese Medicine focuses on balancing the meridians to harmonise the body mind and spirit, which promotes better health and longevity.


The Five Elements system is used alongside the Yin / Yang framework in Oriental Medicine. These ancient systems are used as frameworks to establish insightful, profound and practical knowledge about a client’s state of internal health. Once a correct diagnosis is established the practitioner can effectively guide the client towards balance and health.


Disharmonies displayed in the body can be defined as being predominantly Yin or Yang in nature. Acupuncture and Acupressure influence the energetic matrix of the human body, e.g. the meridian system. The 12 main and the 8 extraordinary meridians cover the human body as a network of energetic pathways. Along these pathways exist Acupuncture points which can be manipulated by finger pressure or with a single use fine needle.


Needles are inserted into the specific point in order to re-establish the freeflow of energy. The Meridian system can be likened to the road / motorway network, covering a country whilst the acupuncture points are like the service stations.


I am fortunate enough to get great success with most of my clients very quickly. This luckily creates an ever expanding number of satisfied customers. Word of mouth recommendations provide a high percentage of my business. I take my work very seriously and devote myself to providing the optimum service for you and your family.


Hypnotherapy Is also an unlimited  universal tool to gain access into the subconscious mind which controls 90% of what we do in life. If you are looking gain control of your life again and make lasting profound changes then this is a quick and efficient way to do just that.


Hypnosis is believed by most scholars to be over 6000 years old in origin. It has been used in every ancient culture and even probably pre history. Throughout this time span different methods and theories of Hypnosis have been explored, experimented, expanded and refined. All this collective, refined and redefined knowledge has progressed throughout history into our now bustling modern 2020 culture. There has never been a better time to reap the benefits from the past teachings of hypnosis because more than ever now everyone is having to adapt quicker and quicker to the ever-changing environment.


Call and book now for a Zoom or face to face hypnosis session and literally change and improve your life for the better right now!